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Unlike other companies, we will customize to your needs and wants, while being economical. practical, and most of all the peace of mind of having service while not breaking the bank.

Monitoring only

Base systems- cellular based. 

99 dollar install

4 doors, glassbreak/ motion, 1 keypad

starts as low as

34.99 a month

inclusive warrantee with $25 trip

Camera + Monitoring

Base system- Cellular based

149.99 install

4 doors, glassbreak/motion 1 keypad

starts as low as 39.99 a month

Free doorbell or outdoor camera

Premium Protection

Base system- Cellular based

199.99 install

4 doors, glassbreak/motion 1 keypad

starts as low as 49.99 a month

Free doorbell or outdoor camera

Fire protection

CO2 protection

Basic Cyber Security

0 dollar warrantee

after hour 0 dollar service

Professional CCTV install

Multiple IP and Analog cctv options, call to get a quote from a professional

Pricematch guarentee

Will pricematch any like product on the market and install it with contract!  Just show your rep or send them via email the add and will match with similar product offering

Cyber Security

IP solutions, cat 5 runs, configuring modems, we offer per hour computer solutions as well as cyber security options, ask your rep for details

What our customers are saying

George S. Elkhorn, NE


Repair an Alarm or Security System

On time at a good price

Compare and Save

Compare basic packages from the competition and save



Per Month

Best Package Offer

Basic coverage of door and trap

Smart phone access, 2 way voice if applicable

cellular based

25 dollar max service call price

Fast no long hold times, easy to reach, rates never increase

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Big box alarm companies


Per Month

Big Box Alarm and cable company pricing

Varies, prices are adjusted 

Most lower tier packages with cellular and smart phone start at 59.99

warrantee varies depends on what "dealer" you have

Long hold times always trying to force an upsell


DYI Alarm 


Per Month


You instlall yourself, if you install it incorrectly or something isnt working right you dont know.

Hacked constantly, having people hack and access the cameras. Doorbell catching fire, no recourse for poor equipment.

Retail payment pricing. Equipment my be cheap, but you get what you pay for. 

Usually no on call help at all, or all via email, and no one there after 5. If it beeps it stays beeping over night until morning.